Chartered in 2023, Culver City Democrats United was formed by local
registered Democratic Party members in an effort to ensure that Culver
City is and remains a community guided by Democratic principles. The
Founders of Culver City Democrats United believe in instilling a sense
of unity and political inclusion in our city. We want Culver City to thrive
as a diverse, safe, and welcoming city, one where equal opportunity for
all is a defining characteristic.

As Culver City Democrats United, we want Culver City to be a shining
example for all cities to follow. We envision a vibrant, diverse
community, where all residents are given a voice and a community
where all are assured a safe and secure place to live, work, and learn. We
want a city that values and celebrates its children with a public school
system that embraces the different needs of students while also
challenging them to maximize their potential scholastically so that they
are prepared for the world that awaits them.

A central tenet of our club is the concept of unity, which is why we
decided to call ourselves Culver City Democrats “United.” We are all
Democrats here and we all want a world where discrimination,
intimidation, and violence are never tolerated. We stand for the ideal that
it is not possible to have a more perfect union until all people are treated
equally. Disparate treatment based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual
identity, sexual orientation, disability, and nation of origin fly in the face
of our values both as Americans and as people who call Culver City
home. To achieve our goals, we seek to support elected officials who
share our democratic values. At the same time, our Club focuses on
eliminating vitriol in political discourse and embracing the idea that
above all else, we must respect one another as individuals regardless of
ideology or differing points of view.

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