May 2023 President’s Message

Message from President Eric Rudin

Dear Fellow Culver City Democrats United Members and Supporters,

I want to welcome you to our newly chartered club. I also want to thank all of our community members who made CCDU happen. It is a list of names too long to write out but you know who you are and I thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to make our community a better place for all.

The question I have received most often thus far comes from people who simply want to know why our club was created. It is a fair question and an important one as well. The answer is a multifaceted one. First, our club came to be because a number of concerned Democrats in Culver City are growing more and more concerned by the day with the direction some members of our community are attempting to take Culver City. More specifically, we are concerned that far too many people are harming Culver City in the name of “equity,” but without the important factor of being equitable. To be equitable, Culver City must remain a city whose vision incorporates all of its citizens, not simply the ones with the largest megaphone or the ones willing to bully their way into accomplishing their aims.

Second, CCDU wants to ensure that Culver City remains a city that is a welcoming place for families of all makeups. There is a current push by outside influencers to turn Culver City into a place that caters only to a limited number of people, while ignoring not only Culver City’s community members, but also our society’s most vulnerable. Culver City is a neighborhood that attracts people because of its good schools, natural beauty, and, most importantly, the people who call Culver City home. We at CCDU want to keep Culver City’s schools thriving rather than regressing as is currently the case. We want to keep the fabric of our city intact which means preserving nature and increasing accessibility rather than pushing older people and people with disabilities out of town because of the selfishness of outside special interests.

Third, CCDU came about because our society is fractured and this is not limited to Culver City. What is happening in our city is merely a microcosm of the breakdown of respectful discourse and fact-based decision making that is going on all around us. We decided to call ourselves “Culver City Democrats United” because we want just that, a Culver City Democratic club that is open and respectful of Democrats with differing points of view. Rather than seeing disagreements as a negative, we must see them as an opportunity to learn from the experiences and viewpoints of others. 

Finally, we are not going to be the neighborhood bullies. Just the opposite. We plan on being the tip of the spear in the fight against bullies, both local and abroad. We will stand up for what we believe to be fair and just, not simply because we think it looks good to say or to get likes on social media, but because we want everyone to have a shot at happiness and prosperity. Like many of you reading this, we find ourselves scratching our heads at proposals from varying factions and interest groups because they make no sense and make people’s lives worse. We are not and will never be in that business. What is fair and practical is not always popular but we are not here to win popularity contests. We are here to make Culver City a place to proudly call home, whether for residents, people who work here, businesses, or people simply looking to enjoy what Culver City has to offer. 

Thank you for your interest in joining us in this important work. Let’s get to it.

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